The Member Program of OCADVSA was established to allow individuals and groups to support our mission through a cash donation. Participation in the Member Program does not represent any endorsement of the individuals or organizations that participate, but does make the individual or organization eligible for certain benefits as outlined below.

Member benefits include

  • Attend OCADVSA-sponsored workshops and/or conferences at reduced registration
  • Apply for OCADVSA-offered scholarships
  • Networking opportunities with domestic violence sexual assault service providers
  • Access to OCADVSA Lending Library
  • Access to the most current and up-to-date information in the nation
  • Recognition of support within OCADVSA materials, website, etc.
  • Receive electronic OCADVSA newsletters, training, and conference announcements
  • Receive information on pending legislation and legislative updates during session

Interested in becoming a member?

Fill out the form below, and we’ll reach out to you with more information about becoming a member. Thank you for your support!

OCADVSA Principles of Unity

We are committed to helping people acquire the information and survival skills necessary to take control over their lives and the decision affecting their lives; and will not encourage anyone to remain in, or return to, violent or dangerous situations.  We support and involve victims and/or survivors of interpersonal violence of all racial, social, ethnic, religious, economic and age groups and life-styles; oppose the use of violence and sexual assault, and support equality in relation-ships and the concept of helping all people to assume power over their own lives; strive toward becoming independent, community-based groups in which victims and/or survivors of interpersonal violence have input into major policy and program decisions; will participate in the ongoing work of the Coalition and will be accountable to the entire Coalition for work done by or about the Coalition on its behalf. We are committed to providing statewide services through cooperative, collaborative and non-competitive means.  We are committed to providing consultation and education to government and private social service, criminal justice, health, welfare and other agencies.