The State Office of the Coalition facilitates the Coalition's commitment of collaboration with local, state

and national agencies whose programs have the potential to affect individuals who have been victimized or have the potential to be victimized by domestic violence and sexual assault. State Office staff work on various state level committees, task forces, councils and advisory boards as well as reaching out to law enforcement, social services, medical and judicial systems, the government, and the private sector to develop and enhance knowledge and understanding of domestic violence and sexual assault.

The State Office coordinates the bi-monthly meetings of the Steering Committee, conducts needs assessments of the service providers, maintains a resource library in excess of 5,000 pieces, publishes the Coalition newsletter, and participates with national coalitions and victim organizations. The Education division honors requests for training, education, and technical assistance and is instrumental in the planning and coordination of the State Conference, seminars, and training events. The State Office coordinates the annual day at the State Capitol, and Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Awareness Month activities.

We are committed to helping individuals acquire the information and survival skills necessary to take control of their lives and the decisions affecting their lives; and will not encourage anyone to remain in or return to a violent or dangerous situation. We oppose the use of violence and sexual assault and support equality in relationships and the concept of helping all people to assume power over the own lives.

Resource Library

The OCADVSA Resource Library houses a comprehensive collection, including books, videos, manuals, State and National Coalition Newsletters as well as local, state and national resource information. The librarian maintains a current statistical data and fact sheet file. The library is available to the public at no charge. A copy of the resource guide can be viewed by clicking on the following link - Book and Video list -, or you can request a copy of the resource guide by phone, mail, fax, or by e-mail at info@ocadvsa.org. Funding for the OCADVSA Resource Library is provided by the Violence Against Women Act, distributed by the Oklahoma District Attorneys Council, OCADVSA Membership and generous donations.


405-524-0700     info@ocadvsa.org